Working in night

I’m recently joined a BPO firm. The shift timings are night to morning. Well it is good to work in night and sleep in day. Will it’s not effect my health.

Ya that’s not good for health. If you working in night shift then sleep properly in day and eat properly…

Other wish your health going to down …

I will try to sleep in days time. But think it will took some time for my body and mind to adjust with the working timings of my job.

our body is designed to sleep at night & work at day…that’s quite difficult…

I could never figure this out:
Say, you work night shift and sleep in the day, which is considered not good for your health; but on the other side of the world, that’s normal, as your night is their day. If you change your time table to theirs, why is it bad for your health? I mean it’s just like you’re living on the other side of the earth isn’t it?

No, it is not the same because the body clock will adjust… typically for you to be fully healthy your body requires you to have natural sunlight/daylight as it affects the brain patterns and other essential biological rhythms. Obviously it also depends upon how much other activity you do in the day as opposed to the late night. Some people it affects more than others.

Well, actually it’s hard spc if you’re not use to it.

I’ve been working at PM shift for 3 years now, you just need to make an adjustment.

working at night damage your health because our body design for Woking in day time and sleep at night.

I dont think this is necessarily bad for your health. Our body is not designed to only sleep at night… although that is the norm for most. It’s a matter of adjustment both mentally and physically. Once you’re used to it, it’s like any old day. The trick is to eat well and sleep well and exercise… and this should be done whether you sleep at night or day. haha

At what time of day do you normally feel the most full of energy? If you’re an energetic morning person, then working nights won’t work well with your circadian rhythm. If you’re full of energy at night, then working nights might work for you.

BPO not good for me
i prefer bloggig over BPO and at night time its too messy

You could try melatonin if you have trouble sleeping at unusual hours. Heard it’s good when changing time zone.

It’s a wonder drug really

Ya it effects health to some extent. But have proper sleep. So that you wont get tired

Working in nights and sleeping in a day time has not good effect on health.
Our body systems has made up of such a matter that have some natural needs that are affected by the light so. It’s not a good way to work in night.

I think can not say anything about this if your body will be habituated then you not facing any problem.

I totally agree

um…which schedule do you guys think is worse: 2pm - 5pm then 10pm - 2am or 4am- 11am?

A split schedule is definitely worse than a fixed schedule, even if it is night hours. The time span takes a full 12 hours a day because you need time to transition out of work mode and then you’d be going back into work. Factor in commuting time in that break, and you’re even off less.

A night shift works fine once you adjust to it. I used to work 5pm to 2am all the time, then we’d go out and hang out at an all night diner shooting the breeze or going to someone’s house for adult beverages, and I usually didn’t hit the sack until 4am. As long as I ensured I got enough sleep, I was fine.

I am a night walker too. I do job in night shift from last 1.5 years but i’m happy with this lifestyle. i sleep 4-5 hours and its enough for me. I also do study in day. So it wrong opinion that night job is unhealthy.