Working in background

I am playing around with some audio things and not sure what to use yet.
A user will upload an audio file (either mp3, aif or wav format) to my db.

The file is modified in different way, sometimes adjusting it to a shorter version, sometimes to another file format and so on.

But, when the user have uploaded the file, the things are happening behind the scenes.
If they upload an mp3 file, maybe I will have a script that is making this file 30 seconds long and also making an ogg version of the file.

This process is, as far as I know, taking some time.
So, while this is being done, I want the user to be able to fill in some other details before the process is running.
So, the user can fill in the title of the file, their e-mail or whatever.

But, I’m not sure how to make these things work in the background. Is there a way to make this?

When they upload, they are on a page and the script is running. So, this takes some time.
Or, if they upload the file and I take them to a new page, where they can fill in the details and start the converting process from there, they are still stuck on the page loading, while something is working on that same page.

I’m not sure if you get what I’m looking for (my english isn’t that good).

Or, should I just open a popup page in the background where things are running in the background?
Any ideas that can feed me to go on before I go in the wrong direction…


Hi, Brad.

Maybe have the form to take the users’ information appear via Javascript while the processing is going on and have that form information saved through AJAX?

I’m sure if the users knew stuff was running and they had some kind of progress bar or so to provide feedback, they wouldn’t mind waiting too much though. I think they would understand that processing large files takes time.

I think this thread would get better responses over at the “General Web Development & Application Design Issues” thread. I’ve asked a mod to move it for you.