Working an IT Job While In College

This summer, I was able to get a job at my small to medium size college working as a tech in the college’s IT department. I’ve enjoyed my work so far, and have learned and continue to learn things I wouldn’t in classes, plus I’m getting good work experience. However, as I head into the Junior year of my Computer Information Systems major, I am wondering if I should continue to work as an IT tech throughout the semester. My team leader wants me to work, so the job is available. I have not worked my previous two years of college, but I am thinking about doing so for the last two. Would employment as a tech at IT during my college semesters help me when I graduate and enter the workforce? Would that be a significantly desirable element on a résumé, something that would make me a more attractive candidate for a good job? That would be the main reason I would work there during the semester.

Thanks so much for any opinions!

I did the same and it definitely helps. I worked about 2 year as intern and got about 20% higher salary compare to others. Also, I got 3 credits for each semester. You can’t beat job experience in terms of job opportunity.

If you will manage to do study, don’t leave this job. Experience is crucial and it will give you a better start after college. :wink:

You can study and working! the work is add more knowledge!

Actual work experience will make you a vastly more desirable job candidate than someone with just a degree and no experience.

Many IT jobs require x number of years of experience before they will even interview you.

I would highly recommend taking the job. In the classroom, you mostly learn the theory of how things work. Work experience will teach you all the variations, tricks, caveats, exceptions, and various pieces of hardware and software that you wouldn’t otherwise see in the classroom.

yeah internship gives you good ex poser…