Work with array implode and databese

How is stored data in the database by arraye implode?
what is type and Length/Values and … for create table to database?

umm, I think you’re looking for more information in regards of storing serialized arrays in databases. Which would be much better than storing comma seperated values in a column…

This article can be helpful:
Saving an Array into a MySQL database table with Serialize

Depending on the size of the arrays, I assume some variation of TEXT would be best column type.

the array Implode is like serialize ?
what is type and Length/Values and … to create table in database for Implode or serialize ?

The implode and serialize functions have nothing in common as far as how they work in PHP, the most common method of storing larges amounts of data in the database like Zurev said is serialization. For example if i was to take the following array and serialize it the result would be something like what you see below…

$array = array('hello', 'key' => 'bye');
echo (string)serialize($array);

// Result: a:2:{i:0;s:5:"hello";s:3:"key";s:3:"bye";}

When we get this data from the database we can reverse the serialization by using a function called [B]unserialize/B, this converts the result above into a readable array like it was to begin with.

Hope that helps.

Thank you
Create new table on database, what is type and Length/Values and … ?(on mysql - phpmyadmin)

The field type that’s more commonly used is TEXT

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OK, so it does not difference.
I work on it, what is it.

Serialize have problem with persian phrase!!!

What is your comment?

Is your database using the UTF-8 COLLATION as standard ASCII character encoding won’t allow for most characters.

What are you serializing. In 99% of cases you should never store serialized data in the database. The exception is caching such as; session state or objects with large overhead.

BUT BUT BUT wordpress does it, so it has to be right.