Wordtracker - Total Rubbish? Discuss

Buongiorno from minus 1 degrees C Wetherby UK :slight_smile:

For the last month Wordtracker www.wordtracker.com services have grinded to a halt, for so long ive felt its a waist of money now i truly know it is. The customer service is non existant live chat is about usefull as a chocolate fire guard :mad:

Everytime I log into campaigns or keywords all i get is a loading icon which you have to wait to the next ice age to see disappear :mad: (see below screen grabs)

To ad insult to injury when I finally had enough I decided to sever the Wordtracker www.wordtracker.com service but alas I’m tied into an annual subscription!

And dont bother with the link finder service from Wordtracker either there is no low hanging fruit its a lie, you get inbound links organically not be eMailing someone (as Wordtracker advises) and saying “Hey link to my site because err well i just want you too”

Right now I’m looking to hire a humvee and an RPG time to kick some ass if only i could find out where Wordtrackers office is :wink:

Grazie Tanto?


I won’t try to comment on your Wordtracker problems. But I note that you say you are “tied to an annual subscription”.

If you are paying for your subscription via a UK credit or debit card (in other words, with a continuous payment authority), did you know that it is now possible to instruct your bank or card provider to cancel the payment at any time, without having to get permission from the merchant? It might take a bit of persistence to get the bank to do that, but it is certainly possible. The measure was recently brought in, preciseley to cover cases like this.

It won’t help with your present problems, but at least you won’t have to keep paying for a service that you don’t want to use.


Their twitter account looks like it’s still active: https://twitter.com/wordtracker

Have you tried using their website with a different browser?

Thanks for all your replies, bye bye Wordtracker & all that sail in you!

Hi David,*

Jo here from Wordtracker, I just wanted to post a reply to more clearly share our position with you.

In terms of the keywords tool - we have had some infrastructure issues over the past few weeks which have been our primary focus in terms of development - I’m so sorry that you’ve been inconvenienced.

That said, we’ve made some huge improvements to the Keywords tool, and the system generally is much more solid. We’ve still got a short way to go on this, but we’re confident that in the next few days the system generally will be a lot more stable.

In response to your Link Builder comments - we don’t really advocate mass emailing of prospects to get links - rather, we provide examples of prospects (for instance, sites that link to other sites in your market) and offer metrics that suggest how hard they may be to build a relationship with (many links are based on relationships), and through this gain links. We don’t like spam any more than the next guy. There’s a fresh Link Building course starting on 13th March which will give you much more insight into the process (there’s some material already there from the previous course that might be helpful), and as a subscriber, it’s available to you at no extra cost - just log into Link Builder and click the ‘Get Links’ link at the top of the page and you’ll be able to find out much more.

I’m sorry that you feel our support is ‘non-existent’ - for a company our size, it’s just not possible to have the live chat open 24/7 - but we do our best to keep it open during UK business hours. That said, I’ve not found a message from you in our system that hasn’t been responded to - if that’s not the case, please let us know, as I’d hate to think we’re missing anything.

It’s clear that your experience with us hasn’t been great - and we’re sorry about that. Please do let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

Best wishes,
Wordtracker Customer Support