Words not wrapping

Hi some li elements are not wrapping into the next line if add more text, I think its a height
issue but not sure when inspected it. The span seem to have a height issue of some sort

Specifically, your problem is the line-height of those links being set to 2px.

Overwrite at the span level.

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Best practice is to set a unitless line-height, that way it is always relative to the text size and avoids this kind of issue.

what if I want to reduce the space between the links? what should I use then?

With unitless 1 is equivalent to 1em, so for very tight line spacing such as overlapping lines such as you had, go below 1, like 0.7 for example.
But normal values are above 1 (1.2 or 1.4 or whatever you like) to give a bit of leading.


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