Anyone else use wordpress to sell their niche and not for just personal blogs? Also, I’m new and I dont get the trackbacks on the posting? What does it mean send trackbacks to? Are those url’s that I want to backlink or what?

Ok so I think I found what trackbacks are from the site information. Still interested in my first question though.

What do you mean by “sell your niche” ? This could mean a few things to me. For a lot of people I think it appears as though they just have a personal blog, but perhaps that’s part of their magic? The secret I think is getting user, building an audience, whether you have a personal blog and you post about your passion (niche) or it’s a “business” blog, the goal a lot of the time is the same: Build an audience.

So back to your question, are you talking about using wordpress as say…an ecommerce site, product site, or something along those lines?