WordPress wp_list_pages - Exclude by page title? Also SkitterSlideshow

Can i exclude pages with the wp_list_pages function any way by just using the page title instead of an id? my permalinks are set up to not display id so i dont know what the page id’s are…

Also… i really want to use the skitter slideshow in my theme, ive added the <?php if ( function_exists(‘show_skitter’) ) { show_skitter(); } ?> to the theme code where i want the slider to be positioned and configured and enabled it but its not displaying… ive no idea what it means in the usage instructions by creating a post with a “main image” to activate it? Ive already selected the category of images i wish to use and enabled it, included the code in the page template and set the dimensions?


Find Page ID to use with exclude in wp_list_pages

This example will return the $page object for the page titled “About”. Then the $page->ID element is used to exclude the About page when listing pages.

$page = get_page_by_title( ‘About’ );
wp_list_pages( ‘exclude=’ . $page->ID );

Thanks man but how would i go about excluding more than one page from the list with this method, for example if i wanted to exclude the pages home, about, services and contact but all other pages display?

Its easy enough to find the page ids. If you edit a page you will see the post id in the address bar, something like


You can see in there the post id is 1693.