Wordpress Woocommerce Costume Add to cart from an embed web app!

Hello Folks.
i do realy need some help about this case ! :face_with_head_bandage:

i have a woocommerce website, within this website I have a page where I implement a web app (thinking about iframe), on this web app i have a product that the customer should customize and have the possibility to ADD the it to CART (woocommerce add to cart) and purchase it using the woocommerce plugin.

so for eg: if the customer chose 2 products from the normal products pages (not the web app page), and then navigate to the web app page and customize his product and click to add to cart btn (on the web App). the customized product should be listed in the native Woocommerce “Add to cart page” , so we will get in the cart smth like :

-product 1

-product 2

-customized product 3

-total price (includes the 3 item sum prices4)

Thank you for you patient ,
i do really need help with this …

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