Wordpress with large number of page

Hello everyone.

I use WP to run a news site. The site grew extensively last couple of week and now the posts table has almost 500,000 posts. Problem is now the admin shows the correct number of pages (497,427), but when I click on pages to view/manage the pages, it just dies out.

I have had this problem with other sites as well in which as the number of posts in a category grew, it stopped showing any posts in that category in the userside and the admin side.

IMO, its not WP issue, but the server issue, but what do I need to do to solve this problem?


Try to check your database and see if it exceed to its requirements…

If you feel like it’s a server issue, than I think a chat with your host should do the trick. They can let you know what exactly is ‘kneeling’ the server and how you can still use the platform and the server without having these issues. Are you on a dedicated server?

Your database has exceeded its limit as hosting company provides limited storage so tell them to increase database limit or you need to buy a new package in which unlimited storage is provided