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Hi all I have created an affiliate website at wordpress my site is 3 months old please help me when to start off page seo and how can i do this.


First of all, did you add your site name to your profile here?

Why would you do that?
The forums don’t allow self promotion in profiles. It would be removed by a moderator.

Also, forum profiles are only visible to logged-in members. They are never seen by search engines and are therefore useless for SEO.

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Hi all, I am working on affiliate site about air purifiers, I want SEO tips to rank my site. I have done a good on-page and all the content in my website is unique but by site is not performing well in search engine please help me how to do proper seo. Thanks

If you are new to SEO, then I suggest you read Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to ensure you’ve done everything correctly.

You should also read the specific guidelines for affiliate sites:

You might also find this guide helpful:

If you have done on-page SEO, then first of all read the SEO techniques properly, create backlinks without spamming, add product reviews for your product, it will help you to improve your ranking.

you can start now, but don’t forget always go with the flow of a variation, and always follow the white hat seo techniques

Its good to do do affiliate business. As you have told that your website 3 months old, so I would tell that your should have start off-page activities earlier. Its not too late, you can start now also. Make sure you should focus more on do-follow links.

You go for links right after making it but ideally, you should wait for a couple of months to let your website come out of the sandbox and during this period keep publishing good content that will be able to attract the community of bloggers to link back to you.
After, you can start outreaching bloggers in your niche and explain to them what you are writing and can write a very good piece of content for them also. Follow this guide for outreaching guest blog They will link back to you definitely if they find your content helpful and consider you an expert in your niche. For me, this is the best way to generate natural links for your website.
Find the successful competitors in your niche and follow their footprints in term of backlinks and content. You can use a tool like ahref to find prospects to link to.

I think you should read what is SEO and decide if you will do it yourself or not, here is a short list:

  • Semantics
  • Image optimization
  • If you need to rewrite texts / meta tags / pages
  • promotion by keys (collected in semantics)
  • writing guest posts / adding a site to directories
  • Google advertising (if the niche allows)

As the OP seems to have lost interest in the discussion, there is little point in continuing to offer advice.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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