Wordpress Website Organization Question

I want to build a site with an e-course and private social network. I want to use LearnPress and BuddyPress, but I’m not sure if I should build it as one site or as three sites (main site, social network site, LMS site). My thinking is with the three separate sites that link to each other I could use themes that are designed for each specific application. If I try to build it all as one site using the LearnPress and BuddyPress plugins, I’ll have to shoe-horn them into a theme that isn’t designed for them. Am I thinking about this correctly or overthinking it?

My question must not make sense as no one has responded. I’m not sure of a better way to ask.

Maybe this…

If you were going to build a Wordrpress website with an ecourse (using LearnPress) and private social network (using BuddyPress), how would you go about it?

Is the forum related to the courses? If yes, then it would be more beneficial to just combine them so they will only need to register once.

It does hard to find a theme that supports both. But LearnPress and BuddyPress actually have decent built-in styles that looks good on most themes.

I just tested it on Blocksy theme and both looks fine.

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Thank you @clararenata! It seems that the hard part of Wordpress is finding the right theme. I decided to go with Education Pack from Thimpress. I also decided to use another website for the community functionality I was looking for instead of Buddypress.

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