Wordpress vs static for SEO

Is it true that Wordpress sites are more search engine friendly than a simple static site (ie no CMS)?

If I create a static site and add a blog to one page will it improve SEO?



How friendly your site is to users and search engines depends on how you set up your pages.

I agree. For google, all websites are all the same. It doesn’t matter if your site was created dynamically or statically. What is important is that you don’t include spam or spammy words in your page/s.

a cms such as wordpress uses a database to turn out a static html page which google indexes.

Therefore, the site is viewed as the same as a static html page.

The most common ways of hurting your on-page seo is putting content within javascript/ajax/flash which is uncrawlable. In short, googles inability to crawl alot of great website technologies that help presentation, is why a majority of online sites still look like they were made in 1999.

another on-page no no is replacing text with images. This isn’t near as common as it used to be, but you’ll see it happen once in a while via menus or page headings.

With blog you’ll have opportunity to update your content on regular basis and this will have some additional advantage to get seo leverage by providing unique content more frequently.

I can update my static site as often as I want, making your point meaningless.

Yah, watch out for those “spammy words”. :smiley:

Anyways, Wordpress is an out-of-the-box solution to content management.

If you know SEO well and feel that you can do better, go for it.


yup, all websites are same for Google. Just don’t include spammy words in your page/s

Well, you are actually making blogging meaningless. :injured: Unless it’s a news site you don’t change or update the static content very frequently like blog.

No I’m not. If you want to blog, go ahead and blog. Blogging may suit your purposes perfectly. It doesn’t suit mine in this case. In this case I need to update my static html site frequently (every day so far for the last month), and I want the freedom to structure each page differently. A blog doesn’t give me the flexibility I need.

Where on earth did you get that idea? The site in question is a tutorial site. I’m adding tutorials every day. And I’m not using a blog. Weird huh?

It’s my personal observation and I still stick with my opinion. :slight_smile:

I like static website (for my personal) but for small web page only :smiley:

well it depends on the websites…some websites need updates not necessarily only a news website

google needs updates not the page design. what ever u can use, update should be regular.

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my answer is no. there is no more difference to be consider as googlebot

Google will only look into the content , your seo friendly page and backlinks, they don’t care frm which media you have create site.

you cannot customize your WP sites as you want as you can do it on your static site, however if you talk about SEO, WP has great plugins available for SEO and it works best for the blog

You know a simple static site is easy to crawl by spider,and i think if your content is good,it could get your traffics,whether the site is static or dynamic,optimization it,google would give you a good rank.

You’ll find the basics of wordpress SEO at http://codex.wordpress.org/Search_Engine_Optimization_for_WordPress that explains some of the features of wordpress and also gives some general SEO advice.

Like others have said I think a wordpress could be just as SEO friendly as a static site can be - but wordpress makes certain SEO tasks easier like creating and submitting sitemaps - and of course allowing people to comment on posts and interact w/a blog has it’s advantages over just publishing pages on a static site.


I guess Google looks for updates,so update regularly
It does not matter whether you site is Dynamic or static.
whereas WP is a Content Management System that uses a database to turn out a static html page which google indexes.
Therefore, the site is viewed as the same as a static html page.