Wordpress Theme Services

My current site is a basic CSS site. It’s not optimized with SEO very well. I feel like I need to make my website better looking and SEO optimized. My new business is requiring a lot of time doing a lot of things. I want to save time and have a better site. I’ve heard Wordpress is the way to go for better SEO. A theme site called http://headwaythemes.com was recommended to me by a friend. It seems like it makes Wordpress easy with drag and drop design. So, my concern is that using a system like this may be a shortcut that could hurt the usability of the site or hurt it’s SEO value somehow. If I’m willing to pay the $80 fee to save time from learning Wordpress, is this sort of system recommended? Are there any negatives to it? Does anyone have any other similar sites they would recommend?

Thanks so much for your comments.

You’re only ever going to end up with hideous code using a drag and drop layout tool like that … and bad code could lead to slower loading pages, which could be bad for SEO, though that’s arguable. Bad code is rotten for some people trying to access your site, so think first of your visitors rather than of search engines. I strongly doubt that using WordPress provides any SEO advantage. I’d have thought the opposite, TBH. Nothing beats a well coded site based around well structured content. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph. Yea…that’s what I was thinking. It reminds me of using the design window in Dreamweaver. Things can get really messy. If you just use good lean proper code then it all works out.

If you have the time to learn, better get your hands dirty with the default theme and make a child theme. Start creating / modifying it, soon you’ll be able to create your own theme. Clean and organized code you like wanted. :wink: