Wordpress Theme screws up in IE

I need some help.

Is fine in FF and Chrome, but does not work in IE 8 or 9.

I tried forcing compatibility mode(view source and see meta tag in header), but it still doesn’t work.

What is wrong?

Remove that meta tag.

I don’t haev IE9 or 8, but I’m seeing some issues in IE7. You don’t say what exactly is the issue though.

However, to fix the blog posts separation, remove the margin/padding on ".entry" and add in clear:left. You’re running into an IE bug.

Here is how it looks in IE9:

Can you point to us which part didn’t work for you?

I tried the padding/entry thing, it didn’t work.

This is what I see in IE. The content doesn’t appear until the sidebar ends. Works ok in IE if I run it in compatibility mode though.

Didn’t look like that before for me, I swear :).

The problem is that on Content, you specify a smaller width than what is put on the .posts. As a result, it expands, and there isn’t enough room, so you have a float drop. Other browsers are just letting it hang out.

Just remove the width of Content. That way, the size of it will shrink/grow depending on page size (or content)


Cool, it worked. thanks

Glad I could help :). You’re welcome.