WordPress Theme question.. help!

Hey guys… I was hoping maybe someone can help me… I am creating my site and I would like to know if it’s possible or if someone can do this for me…I just got this theme for my site and I am in LOVE WITH! but basically what happens is when u click on for example “About Me” the Name is gone. I was wondering is there a way to tweak it when it’s clicked on a page…The Name or “Logo” just goes striaght up and just says there??? Any help is appericated. Heres the link to my site:


As a quick fix, what I would do is place your name in the titles of each of the pages that you are displaying, e.g. Resume of …

Or you can play around with the theme to put a title in the header, but this is a tricky theme, so unless you are pretty adept, I would take the quick approach that I described above.