WordPress Theme & Plugin Issue

Hi all,

I am hoping someone in here can help me.

I bought a WordPress theme and also bought a plugin (from 2 separate parties). When I install the plugin it doesn’t work as expected with the theme. I have tried the usual deactivating all other plugins, reinstalling the plugin but still it is not working correctly. I have tried the plugin with other themes (TwentyFourteen, Thirteen & Twelve) and the plugin works fine with those.

I have messaged both the theme author and the plugin authors (about 5/6 days ago). The theme author hasn’t replied yet (but I don’t think they will be of much help as they state in their support that they do not assist with third party plugins) and the plugin author has told me that it seems to be working fine although I think they were looking at one of the default WordPress themes where I was trying it out, as I have tested in Firefox 31, Chrome 36, IE 11, Safari 5.1.7 & Opera 12.17 and it does not work in any of those.

If anyone can give some advice or has some free time to lend a helping hand, please reply and I can give further details.


Theme author has taken a look and fixed the issue.