Wordpress Theme HELP!

Hello guys,

I recently got a wordpress “TheCorporation” Elegant theme. I am having a little bit of trouble. There is a feature area. Right at the top of the screen in white letters, it is all in lower case. When ever I create a new page and put in the title it shows it all lower case. I have viewed the coding, and I know there is something I can change so it’s only what i type and not what it is set to do it. I have added the features.php coding maybe you guys can take a look. I’m lost on what to change.

Also if you need to see the preview or demo of the Theme it’s here: TheCorporation/

	global $ids;
	$ids = array();
	$arr = array();
	$width = 330;
	$height = 220;
	$width_small = 72;
	$height_small = 72;
	$featured_cat = get_option('thecorporation_feat_cat');
	$featured_num = get_option('thecorporation_featured_num');
	if (get_option('thecorporation_use_pages') == 'false') query_posts("showposts=$featured_num&cat=".get_catId($featured_cat));
	else { 
		global $pages_number;
		if (get_option('thecorporation_feat_pages') <> '') $featured_num = count(get_option('thecorporation_feat_pages'));
		else $featured_num = $pages_number;
						('post_type' => 'page',
						'orderby' => 'menu_order',
						'order' => 'ASC',
						'post__in' => get_option('thecorporation_feat_pages'),
						'showposts' => $featured_num
	while (have_posts()) : the_post();
		$arr[$i]["title"] = truncate_title(50,false);
		$arr[$i]["title_small"] = truncate_title(25,false);
		$arr[$i]["fulltitle"] = truncate_title(250,false);
		$arr[$i]["excerpt"] = truncate_post(470,false);
		$arr[$i]["excerpt_small"] = truncate_post(80,false);
		$arr[$i]["tagline"] = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Tagline', $single = true);
		$arr[$i]["permalink"] = get_permalink();
		$arr[$i]["thumbnail"] = get_thumbnail($width,$height,'thumb',$arr[$i]["fulltitle"],$arr[$i]["tagline"]);
		$arr[$i]["thumb"] = $arr[$i]["thumbnail"]["thumb"];
		$arr[$i]["thumbnail_small"] = get_thumbnail($width_small,$height_small,'',$arr[$i]["fulltitle"],$arr[$i]["tagline"]);
		$arr[$i]["thumb_small"] = $arr[$i]["thumbnail_small"]["thumb"];
		$arr[$i]["use_timthumb"] = $arr[$i]["thumbnail"]["use_timthumb"];

		$ids[]= $post->ID;
	endwhile; wp_reset_query();	?>

<div id="featured-area">
	<div class="container clearfix">		
		<div id="featured-slider">
			<?php for ($i = 1; $i <= $featured_num; $i++) { ?>
				<div class="featitem clearfix">
					<h2 class="feat-heading"><?php echo($arr[$i]["title"]); ?></h2>
					<p class="tagline"><?php echo($arr[$i]["tagline"]); ?></p>					
					<div class="excerpt">
						<p><?php echo($arr[$i]["excerpt"]); ?></p>
						<a href="<?php echo($arr[$i]["permalink"]); ?>" title="<?php printf(__('Permanent Link to %s', 'TheCorporation'), $arr[$i]["fulltitle"]) ?>" class="readmore"><span><?php _e('read more','TheCorporation'); ?></span></a>
					</div> <!-- end .excerpt -->
					<a href="<?php echo($arr[$i]["permalink"]); ?>" title="<?php printf(__('Permanent Link to %s', 'TheCorporation'), $arr[$i]["fulltitle"]) ?>">
						<?php print_thumbnail($arr[$i]["thumb"], $arr[$i]["use_timthumb"], $arr[$i]["fulltitle"] , $width, $height, 'thumb'); ?>
				</div> <!-- end .featitem -->
			<?php }; ?>
		</div> <!-- div #featured-slider -->
		<a id="prevlink" href="#"><?php _e('Previous','TheCorporation'); ?></a>
		<a id="nextlink" href="#"><?php _e('Next','TheCorporation'); ?></a>	
	</div> <!-- end .container -->
</div> <!-- end #featured-area -->

<div id="featured-thumbs">
	<div class="container clearfix">
		<?php for ($i = 1; $i <= $featured_num; $i++) { ?>
			<a href="#">
				<?php print_thumbnail($arr[$i]["thumb_small"], $arr[$i]["use_timthumb"], $arr[$i]["fulltitle"] , $width_small, $height_small); ?>
			<div class="thumb_popup">
				<p class="heading"><?php echo($arr[$i]["title_small"]); ?></p>
				<p>"<?php echo($arr[$i]["excerpt_small"]); ?></p>
			</div> <!-- end .thumb_popup -->
		<?php }; ?>
		<div id="active_item"></div>
	</div> <!-- end .container -->
</div> <!-- end #featured-thumbs -->

Thanks in Advance!

It must be a css thing, text transformation proerty or something. Use firebug on the text and pastebin it here. Do a fire bug tutorial if you don’t know how to use it but it’s easy as.


You should aslo look at seeting up a child theme in your theme folder to override the code. That way when the site is upgraded the problem wont happen again.


Finally, this is not the corerect place for Wordpress questions. Sub fourm in the CMS thread is where this belongs.


OMG!! I GOT IT!! GOD BLESS UR HEART A MILLION TIMES…!! THANK U THANK U THANK U!! u have no idea how badly this was bugging me! It was in the stye.css! I used Safari’s built in inspector… kinda like firebug… but better i think! =P