Wordpress Support

My apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. The Wordpress support forum doesn’t work, which is typical! (It won’t allow me to sign up.)

I run a forum Subliminally Famous and I have a question.
It’s something very simple, and embarrassing at the least. But I’ve looked around for over half an hour now and I cant find a solution.

I just enabled a “homepage” on my blog.
But as you can see here: (Subliminally Famous | Awesome Screenshot) This is supposed to say “Welcome”, and not “Blog” as my Blog link is on the right.

It’s something stupid, but if someone could advise on how to change that, that’ll be brilliant. Thank you.

I’ve changed back to my normal settings in the attempt to install the “Simple Pop Up” plugin which itself did not work.
My luck with Wordpress is not very good!

Thank you anyway.

You must have some kind of plugin that is making your top navigation. The word the plugin uses is “blog” and you just need to look in that code and change the output of that word to welcome (if that’s what you really want to do).

However, “Welcome” on a blog or a website is a waste of real estate. Moreover, in the navigation, your users will expect to see “home” not welcome.