Wordpress Super Cache how good is it?

I have tried once some cache pluggin on my wordpress blog, but only found out it to cause more sluggishness and stuff, i have been hearing a lot about super cache plugin, how many of you actually use it and find it quite useful for performance of your blog ?

Also anyone got a nice list of wordress plugins that are almost always essetial ?
For me All in one Seo and the re-captcha are the 2 plugins most made use of by 2 of my blogs.

WordPress relies heavily on the database. Do you have lots of tables? (look out especially for old no longer used ones). Any large ones, i.e. Is your “options” table gigantic?

I am currently running of my wedding website along with WP-Minify, Use Google Libraries plugin as well as a few other tweaks I discovered using the YSLOW extension for Firebug.

In all it does make a large difference, but would be hard to say what SuperCache does alone.

I’ve been using it for a while, and it improves the page loading speed a bit. Every little bit helps. I use it on a small site. If you have a larger site with lots of traffic, I am sure it will be a big improvement.

I am using wordpress Total Cache which is better then super cache. I don’t know too much about super cache but Total cache is more advance then super.