WordPress Staged and Deployment Environment

WordPress is pretty amazing, but I have kept finding an issue I wanted resolving.

In the past I use to work with really big websites (500+ pages), and with such website we had a custom CMS which contained a staged and deployment environment. A tailored made CMS is a little out of reach ATM, and I much prefer open-source.

For those of you that don’t know staged-deployment environment would involve having 2 mirrors of a website, the stage and live website. You would make your changed on the staged and the once you press live it would automatically update the live.

This would allow you to make match changed before you clicking live. Two website mirrors would be ideal for what I need. Ideally I want those mirrors to work online.

I’ve come up with a concept, basically for the widget region you would have two copies of each region, [widget name] - live and [widget name] - staged. Within your staged widget you would only make this displayed to the logged in users, more specifically the admin user. From here you could in theory have a live and staged widget area. Once you’re happy with your widget you simply drag it to the live widget equivalent.

Menus could in theory be done using the same concept. Pages and posts could be made private allowing only logged in users.

It’s understandable that the principles discussed here will challenge WordPress as a blogging platform, and bring it to it’s much deserved content management system. It is the no1 used CMS of all time.

If anything like this can be used in Drupal I would be interested to know.

  • Sega