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can someone go through this website https://www.wati.com and let me know the site speed of the website. I also request you guys to come up with few suggestions which can help to enhance the speed of the site and maintain optimum loading speed across all the devices. Suggestions will be highly appreciated and will be great help.


There are a few tools on-line that can help you identify site speed problems.


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I am also working to improve the website speed. Please direct me to the finest plugins that can optimise everything on their own.

I am using wp rocket to optimize speed of my blog, and so far so good I had to test its features to achieve the speed I currently have. My site now loads in around 2.5 seconds. And also use Webp format for images. For settings its not “one shoe fits all” you will have to test features individually to see what optimizes the speed and what breaks your site. Best way to do it is fix issues in Google Page Speed Insights one by one. let me know if I can help you with something else.

I suggest optimizing images on the website, enabling browser caching, minimizing the number of HTTP requests, and reducing redirects for better loading speed. Another thing you can try is using a content delivery network (CDN) to serve static resources from multiple global locations.

When you open the developer tools you will see that your site is producing many error.

You should check your error logs and fix the errors as a first step

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