Wordpress Site Speed Issues Fixed

Hi all! My new wordpress site readfora.com was scoring around 40-50 on google page speed tests running Astra/Hostinger/Litespeed Cashe. I tried a bunch of HTML/CSS minifier solutions and nothing seemed to work. Eventually I bit the bullet and bought a WPRocket license, which really wasn’t bad at $34 for a year. My site instantly jumped to 90 on the page speed score test. My FCP and LCP improved dramatically. My issue now is that I’m getting incompatability warnings between Litespeed and WPRocket, however, I have yet to notice any issues. Litespeed seems to be still converting my jpegs into webp’s - which I love, and WPRocket is still making my site lightning fast. So, should I be worried about compatibility issues arising?

I’d love some feedback!

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