[Wordpress] Site Setup Inquires and Help!

I want a setup similar to these sites setup. How do I make it like so? Example: I would like the game listed in that kind of view.


I want it like that. Where I can setup a database like thing and they can read or see what I want them to.

What plugins do I need if any? Someone told me that I would need “Custom Post Types and Taxonomies” is this true?


I am making a gaming website. I want a setup kinda like this. I got a hold of the owner and he said to try and use post categories.

Now I am using an plugin called “Types - Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Management

So I was wondering how I could have it setup to where they to in this order:

System Selector > PC > (Shows it like this) [B]>[/B] [URL=“http://www.glitchgamer.com/diablo-iii-pc-mac”]Final result.

So basically I want them to choose the console/system > game > glitch here

I am just completely lost on how to use this plugin and need help. So could someone add me on Skype w4rl085 and give me a hand?

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