Wordpress site not opening on my PC

The website (techorfy.com) is opening on all proxies and on my friend’s computer. Also opening on my Smartphone which is on same wifi network. But On my PC, it’s giving a 404 error

I migrated the website to WordPress from blogger. Hosting is Digitalocean with vestacp. Domain registrar is Namecheap (name servers to Cloudfare).

Wordpress dashboard also giving 404 error. It was working fine after migration but after 1-2 hour, 404 error started.

Here what I did to resolve it but failed
1.) Flushed DNS (cmd.exe)
2.) Cleared DNS cache using Ccleaner
3.) Tried different browsers
4.) Cleared browser cache and cookies
5.) Reset Permalink
6.) Checked wp-options
7.) .htaccess is untouched right now
But no luck

Then I installed a free VPN and The dashboard is opening, but again a free VPN comes with limit and also not secure (Wordpress login gave me a warning)

I can view your site and checking on a whois site it does not say who it is hosted by which is strange. The nameservers are cloudfare though.

I assume you tried writing the URL into your browser.

As everyone else can see it you must have something setup on your PC to redirect to the old IP address?

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The website opening well using a VPN, what does it mean. I flushed DNS cache but the problem still exists.

If you’re serving your site from Cloudflare have you cleared the Cloudflare cache?

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Thank you for the reply, I searched and found Google public DNS, flushed the DNS and the website is opening now.

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