Wordpress site links doesnt work on firefox

Hi There , Im new here and I signed in cuz Im having probles with firefox and my website, perhpas some of the experts in here could help me…:slight_smile:
will be truly appreciated…

Hi negotecnia. Welcome to SitePoint.

What is the actual problem?

well if you go to negotecnia.com with firefox, nothing is clickeable, just the twitter plugin at the botomm but the menu and other links are clickeable using firefox…

I’ve had a look and you’re right - the links work in Chromium and Epiphany (which is Webkit based), but not in Firefox.

I also found something else rather curious, again only in Firefox. When I view the page, I can’t select (highlight) anything above the Twitter links. I can inspect the entire page using Firebug, and work my way through the items, but I can’t select any of them directly until I reach the Twitter section.

Unfortunately, I haven’t a clue why this might be, but I hope it may assist somebody more knowledgeable to find a solution.

Because some divs are floated and some aren’t, the non-floated ones are covering over the floated ones. You can fix it by adding this to the CSS:

.cache-images {
  clear: both;