WordPress side Bar issues

Hello Experts,
Would you be able to assist with knowing how to fix over all sidebar alignments. The problem is that the widgets don’t align and I want to be able to set them so it looks neat and professional?
I am not in IT or programming so please any suggestions or fixes could you please be detailed and thorough in explanation.
I have uploaded a screenshot as an attachment.

Hi RealityEconomics. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

We can only help if you can provide a live link to the site. Then we can suggest some code to add to your site. Would you know how to use that code? What experience do you have with WordPress?

Also, make sure to give an indication of how you want things aligned.

Hi Ralph,

I appreciate your time. Here is the website: http://realityeconomics.com.au/

I have designed and worked with the website a bit as you can see. I have some SQL experience more for economic outputs (go fetch type of stuff) but would know what to do if you pointed me in the right area of WordPress to add code. I want the graphics RHS aligned.

As an added issue (which I find really frustrating) is that bullet points don’t work. So if you go here: http://realityeconomics.com.au/?page_id=565 , I have inserted numbers and not bullet points. The bullet point function simply will not work.

Thanks so much for your time.
Reality Economics

All those junky things like ads and Facebook stuff have a mind of their own and are very hard to manipulate. As a compromise, you could give the whole sidebar a background color to help unify it a bit. E.g.

.sidebar {background: #f7f7f7;}

Normally you’d insert that in your custom.css file in WordPress. I’m not sure if you can access that via the WP control panel, but you can easily get to it via FTP, by digging into the theme folder.

bullet points don’t work.

Not sure what you are asking here. The numbers work fine. If you don’t want numbers, you have to change the <ol> (ordered list) to <ul> (unordered list).

Thank you.
In terms of the bullet points, the bullet point don’t display (yes the numbers do).

Yep. so as mentioned, you are using the wrong HTML element. The <ol> element you are using displays numbers, while the <ul> element displays bullet points, so you need to change to a <ul>.

I have changed the theme to reflect a colour background for the side bar to try and align the widgets. I thought I fixed it but them get another issue. As you can see my book creates a long column underneath it before the other widgets show. What do I have to do to fix this problem?

I realise WordPress is free but seriously how is one suppose to run a business from it with all these minor issues that in the end create endless hours of work to fix.


This is a CSS/layout issue rather than anything to do with WordPress. (Perhaps it’s an error in the theme.)

Anyhow if you know how to access the style sheet (or perhaps just want to add something to the custom style sheet) you could add the line in red (although I’m sure there are other ways to fix this):

#sidebar {
width: 320px;
margin-left: 620px;
[COLOR="#FF0000"]overflow: hidden;[/COLOR]

Well, you get what you pay for. You wouldn’t get a free car for your business and try to fix it yourself if you weren’t a mechanic. It would be foolish and unprofessional. It’s the same thing when a business grabs a pile of junk like WP and tries to use if for business purposes without understanding how it works. (That’s not meant to be an attack on you, BTW. It just makes me sad to see businesses dropping their guard when it comes to the web, and relying on substandard tools for doing business without the normal checks and balances they’d use for any other part of the business.)

Thanks for your help. The site looks a lot better with your suggestions.

One other issue attached, I was wondering if you could help me with.

Regards RE

Feel free to detail the issue you are having. Don’t rely on attachments. :slight_smile: