Wordpress shows "Site underconstruction" after installation

I just did a new installation of Wordpress at http://beverlyhaberman.com/ using fantastico on asmallorange.com. After the installation, the base url still shows Site under construction. However, the sample page url[URL=“http://beverlyhaberman.com/sample-page”]
http://beverlyhaberman.com/sample-page shows fine
or any other url shows the page not found page as it should.

The home page is set correctly in the Reading section of Settings. What am I missing?

Delete the index.html and your site will start to show.

index.html, if is there will be displayed before an index.php if it is there if someone goes to a domain or directory within the domain without specifying a file. (assuming the default settings used by most web hosts)


Thanks. That was it.

kindly go your wp admin and go to general setting where 4 options are available you select “by post” and reload your website