WordPress Shopp Plugin Customization

This site is built with WordPress and uses the [URL=“http://shopplugin.net/”]Shopp Ecommerce plugin.

When you go to the site and add any one of the products to the cart, and you’ll notice in the cart page that a default shipping rate already shows. The problem is that the customer has not yet entered their zip code and clicked the “Preview Shipping and Taxes” button to update the page and have it display the correct shipping rate.

The plugin is not broken. It is designed to show the minimum possible shipping rate. But I need it to either show $0 or have that field hidden UNTIL the customer enters their zip and clicks “Preview Shipping”.

Any idea how to make this happen?

Here is the code from the cart.php page: <?php if (shopp(‘cart’,‘hasitems’)): ?> <form id=“cart” action="<?php shopp('ca - Pastebin.com