Wordpress RSS Feed Page title is empty

hi fellows,
i have a problem in my rss feed, i was submitting my site to rss directories but they said that your rss is invalid, i went to rss feed analyzer website to check the validation of my rss page, it said that the title of rss page is empty.
Can anyone guide me how to put title in RSS page of wordpress site ?

What is the URL to your RSS feed as it sounds like a problem with the service your trying to use rather then the feed itself.

here is the link
u can see that the title is empty, kindly help me

That value should be the title of your blog - as found in the blog’s database. Is it there?

I have visited your blog. You should have a feed title same as your blog’s title that is ‘add link seo blog’. Add a title in feed and again try to submit it in rss directories.

I see your comments feed does have a title - “Comments for”

I think if you can find out where that’s coming from you will be able to fix both.

from where i can add the title in wordpress admin ? tell me the path please

log in to ACP -> Settings -> General

Also, I don’t know if there is a link for it any where in the ACP yet, but check out
<your path to>/wp-admin/options.php

i have entered the title in both paces but still feed title is empty. Can you tell me any good rss plugin that can handle rss page ?

Last I knew, the WordPress core files handled the feeds very well without a plugin. In fact, my guess is that it’s a plugin you’re using that is messing it up. Are you already using any plugins that might be the cause? If you temporarily disable your plugins are the feeds OK?

no sir, i am not using any kind to feed plugin in my blog, in fact if you know about any good plugin that can generate RSS page then kindly tell me.