Wordpress Responsive Plugins

Hi guys,

I have a client who has requested several different Wordpress sites and has purchased a responsive template. Firstly I would like to know if anyone has any links to some decent responsive JQuery content sliders.

I also need to install an e-commerce feature on some of the sites and was wondering if anyone knows of a responsive e-commerce plugin which I can use or maybe one which I can modify with media queries to work across all of the devices.

And lastly I need to integrate social networking on the sites so that when my client posts to FB or Twitter, the posts appear on his Wordpress site.

I am aware that there are all sorts of plugins available to do this and that I could search for them but I want to know which ones work for the seasoned wordpress users so that I can begin to put together a toolkit so to speak which I can use time and time again to meet each clients needs.



Hiya Silversurfer! Did a similar exercise about a year ago building my toolkit, but with slightly different emphasis. Just been looking at Sliders too and the two I’ve recommended are both responsive. Slider Pro and [URL=“http://soliloquywp.com/”]Soliloquy. I’ve used Slider Pro but just had Soliloquy recommended by another plugin developer I trust this morning.

I tend to use Code Canyon as a good supplier of plugins for my toolkit. Although the license doesn’t require them to support their plugins, if you stick to the trusted providers or read the ratings/comments you can easily sort out which developers are worth their salt. Prices are good and for the most part a little research goes a long way for the small prices they charge. There are other libraries but I find it easy to shift through and find quality at CC.

Ecommerce is a little trickier but thankfully there is some good competition going on. I’ve recently worked with Woocommerce, it has had a pretty aggressive development cycle at the moment. They’re the new kid on the block and they want to prove themselves. Being in more recent development I’d certainly give them a look in. They’re bound to have had to tackle the responsive design issues.

There are a ton of social networking plugins and options. From what I’ve seen lots of people are implementing these well and you are spoilt for choice.

Hope the helps.

Hey Slackr,

Thanks so much for your reply, its very helpful. It’s only recently that am using Wordpress enough to warrant building my own plugin arsenal , its just not economical to use anything else for freelance nowadays but I do appreciate your advice because I hate sifting through all the crap out there just to find the ones that will work.

have a gd day :slight_smile: