Wordpress Responsive Design Theme Package & Custom Design (Front End) for Review

Hi everyone!

I’m brand new to the site. My name is Spyros, and my company is x2interactive. We’re a web agency in Greece. In my career as a web designer I’ve always found it useful to seek the thoughts an feedback of my fellow web designers, gurus and aficionados, so I wondered if I might do so today.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on two of the designs we’ve produced recently. One is for a Theme Package we offer clients, and the other is a custom design. Both sites are built using Wordpress, and both are fully responsive designs.

The first website is for one of our corporate clients, Europeo Cars Rentals. This design uses one of our Theme packages. This theme package is most often used by our hotel clients (we deal with hotels a lot). Do you feel the design transfers well to a different type of client, in this case car rentals?

The second website is a totally custom design for a client in Mykonos offering luxury villas. The website is for Mykonos Panormos Villas. We went for clean minimalism here, using a hamburger menu. Do you think this fits the luxury brand identity of the client?

Thanks so much in advance for your time and feedback, it’s great to be part of the forum!



Europeo Cars Rentals website loading very slow. Probably website not required loading icon at the beginning. Your page speed is 58 for mobile and 68 for desktop out of 100.

Change the color of the call to action button. Instead of giving a link to a form, give direct phone number. Because that will be easy.

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