Wordpress: Remove category icon from the shop page

Yes i know that that there is a seperate forum for wordpress but I am posting it here because I think it is php related.
So I just created an amazon affiliated e-store, I imported few products but woocommerce(wordpress plugins) automatically add these category icons on my shop. http://shop.eeglio.com/ I am going to make the product categories accessible through the menu so I don’t want them to be displayed as an icon on my shop page.

I try to disable it by adding this code to css

ul.products li.product.product-category {display:none !important;}

It does stop the categories from stop displaying on the product page, the only problem is that, Now I get this empty space at where categories icons are previously displayed.
Like this one. http://i.stack.imgur.com/r6JV9.jpg

I look through all the setting and found nothing, My css is limited, and my php is Zero so if anyone can help me with some php code to disable it, I would be very thankfull.

Additional information.

I am using the theme storefront with the storefront pro plugins.
I add the products throught woozonelight plugins. `

check the theme header to see the category tag or check the them documentation may be there is a way to do that.

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