Wordpress - post text exceeded post div

For some strange reason, when I manually type posts in the admin panel and publish it juts out past the post div. Yet if I copy and paste lorem ipsum into the content window in the admin panel and publish it display within the boundaries.

I have two posts in this link and they show one correctly formatted and one which juts out. I have no idea why it’s doing this. When I switch to html view in the content editor it just shows that the text is surrounded by the p tags and nothing else,

Anyone come across this before?

I’m not seeing what you mean both of those posts seem to display the same (other than one has a bit more content).

Do you mean the distance between the top post and the second one is not enough?

sorry I’ve updated the screenshot… it should now show what i mean…

That is because there is no space in the text. If you create spaces it should wrap. Also make sure that that elements(s) is not set to ‘no-wrap’ in the .css.