Wordpress Plugin


I want to download a wordpress plugin which insert images at the beginning, in-middle and at the last of a post.

i have already searched for this kind of plugin yesterday for couple of hours but didnt find what i need.

I find a plugin Max Banner Ads which is some what i need but it shows the text “powered by max banners” below the images and also when posting image to the begging of a post not quiet work exactly.

Please help if you know some plugin which can do this.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can use the media manager to insert images anywhere into the post.

Or, are you talking about randomly insert images?

Well actually there are many blogs and i have to created like 10 blogs per day, so need a plugin which put images at the beginning, in middle and at the end of every post. Because every day about 10 - 15 articles were posted and i can’t insert images on very article so need something which do it automatically.

The three images needed to post are same for each article, like an advertisement image/banner for each post.