WordPress plugin: Writing script to deactivate / activate multiple settings at once

Hi guys, I have a question, I’m a front-end developer and pretty bad at PHP, but I’d like to learn some, so apologies if what I’m asking is completely retarded.

So I use this plugin for a lot of my sites: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/

My sites are hosted different places, so I’d like to create a new setting page within the plugin myself, where I can deactive/activate multiple plugin settings at once.

To explain why, I have websites hosted on a lot of different platforms, and I’d be cool if I could make a page with maybe 3 toggle buttons that activate/deactivate multiple settings so I have one for Namecheap, and one for Unoeuro for example

What should I search for on Google to find out what functions I need to write? I honestly have no idea what it’s called or what I should search for, so any clues would be awesome

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