Wordpress Plugin Javascript Error [Rio Portfolio] MUST FIX! HELP! NEWBIE HERE!

Let me begin with thank you. But I have no background in coding whatsoever. All I know is that the image portfolio plugin Rio Portfolio is disabling my image slider plugin on my website. Both plugins are HIGHLY required and cannot afford to sacrifice either! Can somebody PLEASE guide me here. I have access to all the coding, all I need is some HELPPPPPPP lol.

www.cgobr.com (my website) -image slider is placed on the top of homepage, but when portfolio is active, the slider disables. The portfolio is on this page (www.cgobr.com/bullion).

All help is obviously GREATLY appreciated!!!


Welcome to the forums.

When you say “image slider” with reference to this page http://cgobr.com/ , do you mean the marquee that scrolls text such as “Palladium”, “Gold”, “silver” etc.
On this page http://cgobr.com/bullion/ - when you say “portfolio”, do you mean the pictures of all the coins which fade out to reveal some text when you hover the mouse over them?

Thank you for the warm welcome!

When i refer to image slider, im refering to the blank white area on the home page not visible at the moment because the image portfolio plugin (displayed at cgobr.com/bullion) is active. I’m so stumped.

Ah, you mean that when the portfolio plugin is activated via your dashboard, the slider stops working anywhere on the site?

yes! and it’s driving me nuts! lol

i did not develop these plugins, nor do I have ANY programming experience. As long as someone can identify the error in the coding and provide a resolution to it, I can go in and change it. That’s about as much as I know.

Looking at the source code, the problem seems to be that you are including jQuery twice - once in line 21, once in line 428
One version is overwriting another.

Do you have any configuration options on either of the plugins?

Sorry for the delayed response!

I have no configuration options available through either plugin!

Shame! (although I find that surprising)

Could you in that case please make a minimal page with only the slider and the portfolio on it (nothing else) which demonstrates your problem.

Absolutely, here is the link, just added the slider shortcode to the bullion page where the portfolio already is:



I read all of your PMs and I’m assuming that you have got the problem sorted (the slider was present, but was positioned off of the page).
Let me know if this is not the case.