Wordpress plugin help

I have a wordpress blogsite. I want to add a plugin which display information to the visitor as like news headline on tv footer.Please anyone help me.

Do you have a plugin in mind?

I don’t understand what’s your told.

He’s asking you if you’ve done your search and found anything interesting. Because that’s the very first thign you should do… wot to WordPress.org and then do a search and see what you come up with :slight_smile:

I’ve searched on wordpress.org but i didn’t find that plugin.

What you need is a plugin that displayes news… where you place it is up to you. You only need a widgetized area where you want to place it (in this case, the footer)

Furthermore, I did a search in WordPress and… guess what I found… plugins related to “news headlines” (which was the term I used for my search) :wink:


Thanks for link i got that plugin and activated :smiley: