Wordpress Plugin for Content Fades

Hey guys!

I’m trying to sort something out on a website and basically I have three columns that make up the home page. I have quite a lot of content to go into the columns but dont want huge blocks of text, instead I would like to have content fade in and out. I need some images to go into the columns aswell as text. The problem I’m having is that I cant find a plugin that will help me do this and I’m not good enough with php code etc. to make one myself. Does anyone know of a good one that I can use? I also need the plugin to be responsive as I want the whole website to be responsive.

I found a plugin that worked as a temporary fix called “wp-fade-in-text-news” but you can only use this once and I want to use this plugin in three columns each with their own unique content.

So…is there a plugin that will work like this?

Thanks in advance guys! I appreciate the help!