Wordpress Platinum SEO pack plugin not working

i have the platinum seo pack plugin installed on this site: http://www.willowbilliards.com/

and it doesnt seem to be working. at the top of every page it says “Upcoming Events…” even though I specified on each page what the title and description should be.

here’s the code from my header.php file:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="<?php bloginfo('html_type'); ?>; charset=<?php bloginfo('charset'); ?>" />
<title><?php wp_title(' '); ?><?php if(wp_title(' ', false)) { ?> at <?php } ?><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></title>
<meta name="keywords" content="" />
<meta name="description" content=""  />

any idea why its not working??? please advise. thanks.

Have you contacted the developer to get support?

yeah, heard nothing back yet.

Why not use all in one seo pack instead? It has same features except the automatical 301 redirect feature.

There is always an alternative…

I’d go with All in one also, however, maybe the developer can be contacted through other ways, like phone or support ticket?

thanks. i just tried the All in One SEO but had the same problem.

so here’s a really weird thing i just learned. i did a test and installed the same theme, plus the platinum seo pack on on another site, and the page titles in inputted in the seo pack did appear.

so how come this same theme and seo plugin wouldnt work together on this site???

Do you happen to have other plugins installed in your blog? Have you tried to disable them all and try to activate them one by one and see if there is a plugin interfere perhaps and making the plugin break.

Because it is seems like both plugins (the platinum seo and all in one seo pack) do get the same type of error, so I believe that there might be another plugin interfering, it’s worth checking that out.

p.s. is your wordpress upgraded to latest version and the plugins as well?

right now, the only SEO related plugin thats activated is the All in One SEO Pack.

it does seem to be pulling in the Titles, but not the Descriptions.

and yes, i have current versions of WP and the plugins.


Tried to disable all plugins and activate them one by one? That would be the easiest way to track down if there is a plugin interfering with these specific plugins.

i ended up ditching the Platinum SEO pack for the FV All in One SEO pack which seems to be working. i guess this will have to remain a mystery.

thanks anyway.

I would simply ask for a refund or submit a support ticket. Honestly, if they have not tested their product or supported you with the product yet, then you need to take action asap. This kind of stuff occurs normally with new plugin developers. I go with the original stuff like all in one seo and I don’t change it much because it works well for me.