Wordpress PDF download link


i inserted a PDF link in my wordpress post but the PDF opens in the same browser window in FF. Is there a way that i can download the PDF automatically when the link is clicked?

In Firefox - Go to - Options - Application tab - In Content type - Adobe Acro Doc - Action= Save File

<a href=“http://yourhost/yourfile.pdf”>clickhere to download</a>

Then press this link with above browser settings, it automatically saves your doc.



i know that. but there might be users who have the same setting as me and the file is not saved automatically. is there a pdf download trick?

As mentioned by sarfrazsama this is a user setting so there is no way you can control where it opens for everyone. The good news is you should let the user decide where they want to open it. I would personally right click and open in a new tab.

The most important thing here though is to make sure the user knows that the link leads to a .pdf file:

<a href="http://yourhost/yourfile.pdf" title="Download a .pdf file">clickhere to download (PDF)</a>

ok Bpartch