Wordpress or Website?

I have been finding that my blog gets indexed quickly and performs well for keywords at first, but then slumps in the Google rankings, whereas my conventional website content is slow to rank well, but stays high in the rankings after that. Is this usual and if so can anyone suggest a reason why this happens?

I am not 100% sure about this but I believe the Panda has something to do about this. This has been the new move of Google. This happens to most of the sites now.:lol:

There is a lot of opinion on this topic out there. I have spent a lot of time trying to find answers.

With regard to quick or slow ranking I have no opinion. My experience is that the search engines play dice with my new sites. There has been no rational or logical pattern.

As for longer term ranking, I found there is no big difference between blog and conventional web page. content and backlinking consisency are more important. I use blogs for smaller niche sites and for web sites that are somewhat bigger I have xhtml/php. This is mainly because I like to know what is happening and to have my sites under control, which I don’t feel I have with Wordpress.

The xhtml/php is normal html taking consideration to things like the endings that xhtml requires and the .php extension allows me to have “includes” built into my site structure. That way things that are common to many pages like list of articles, footer, heading etc are in “includes” and the rest is normal xhtml.

This has been really helpful. I find I do the same, as, like you I find that when using Wordpress, I miss the immediate control of the layout. Thanks for confirming that I haven’t gone off the track with this.

It is my experience with a blog, Google treats new blog posts as “new & exciting” when the first get posted. But they quickly become old news. So with a blog you really need to be pushing out updated content on a regular basis to maintain a good rank.

How often do you think it is necessary to update a blog in order to maintain any ranking result?

i depends. what is the blog about?
news blog must be updated daily, and cigar blog can be updated once a week/month.

I have a photography blog and a wedding accessories blog

There is no right answer on these kinda SEO questions, just some general theories… So here are what I’m seeing and a possible “fix” for you.

If google is looking for more frequent updates from sites running WordPress (which it might), why don’t you just remove the wordpress version from your blogs? Here are two plugins that do this:

WordPress › WP Remove Generator Meta Tag « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Remove WP version everywhere « WordPress Plugins

That would be good enough I think. Speaking personally in SEO tests I haven’t seen a big difference, years ago I think this occurred but now I think WP is just treated as a CMS and not a blog. I don’t think Google would still be looking at it as just a blogging platform, especially with the numbers Matt gave out on how people were using WordPress a few days ago at WordCamp San francisco.

Hope that helps!

I guess if you have a small business then we have to use wordpress and if our business is on larger scale then a proper website is only be the solution.

As far as I know, wordpress is favored by google.

could be your blog site is not organized or structured the way the other website is, check that. After you add more content if the website is not so structured it is going to confuse search engines.

Nope that isn’t true. Google doesn’t favor any one type of software you use to create your site. It might turn out WP has better out of the box SEO, that helps it, but Google def doesn’t have preferences on the software you use to run/build your site.

Thanks, Ben