Wordpress not installing

Ok I’m at wits end with Wordpress. This is the second time I’ve tried installing it and it flat out is not working. When I install it shows one of the themes, but the default welcome post doesn’t show up and when I login it won’t let me with the user name and pword I set up. Am I doing something wrong? The wp-config file is edited to match the db settings. I’m getting very frustrated.

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Since you’re getting the login form, that says to me the database is up and running.

The username and password are case-sensitive. I’m not 100% sure, but I think by default, the first letter of the username is capitalized, so that might be what’s throwing a wrench into the works.

I login with admin and my pword and it says “error: invalid username”. How can it be invalid when I left it at the default which was admin?

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I am guessing your database is not pointing correctly. When you load wordpress, are you deleting everything?

Delete everything in the database? I’m pretty sure, I never saw a delete option so I chose “drop” which I’m guessing is the same thing. Even tho I dropped it it still shows up on the left side with “0” in parenthesis. When I refresh it goes away. I just don’t get it. I named the db, set a user name, and password. Changed all the info in wp-config to what I set up for the db. I install wp, it takes me to the twenty-ten theme, than I try to login with the username and pword I set for wp and it says invalid username. Okay, so I click forgot password and type in my email and it says invalid email. What do I do now. I’m completely stumped.

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I wonder why it takes you to any theme at all since it should take you to a generic login page like the one below.

It seems you really have something wrong with your install. I would start from scratch by downloading a new copy of WP, creating a new db and going from there.

Why don’t you install it using fantastico and set the login details there? Its much easier than doing a manual install and chance off configuration errors are remote.

Shy…it did take me to the login but it said none of the info was right.

Spiritual…I didn’t think of using that, if I do that than I don’t have to set up xampp or a database manually?

Whatever is the easiest install because I really want to start using and learning Wordpress. It’s well overdue and I’ve fallen behind drastically by not having a working computer till recently. Reading blogs and articles on a phone just isn’t the same, and doing work is impossible on a phone.

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I don’t think fantastico will work if I’m trying to install locally. I don’t have a dedicated host or domain so I’m trying locally with xampp.

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I used to have xampp but I no longer have it so I may not remember accurately how that install goes. However, you will need to be sure you have the necessary PHP and MySQL Requirements on your xampp install. If you haven’t already, you should check the codex for xampp installation requirements. You’ll need to scroll down to the xampp area of [URL=“http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Installation_Techniques#Using_Various_Web_Host_Interfaces”]this page.

All that said, it seems you are going through a lot of trouble just to learn how to use WP when you could learn on the free application from WordPress.com.

I’ve used the free version for two different little blogs for fun. I won’t have a problem learning Wordpress if the f*$#?ng thing would install. I’m not an idiot, I just never thought or had a reason to use wp in the past and finally I do and have a working machine. It’s hard to keep up on new technologies without a computer. I know wp has been out for awhile, so its not brand new but its something I have to put under my belt.

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Okay, I tried again with wamp instead and followed directions on two different sites. This is what I got:

Tried to login and it says username is invalid…HOW can that be when I left it as the default and used the pword I set up. It says the email isn’t registered either again…Wtf is the problem? Please, I’m getting desperate. Someone has to have the answers.

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Okay, this may be a stupid question, but are you logging in on the login page or on the theme page? The reason I ask is because the image looks like a search result instead of the result of a login attempt.

That’s the page I get after it installs…than I go to localhost/wordpress/wp-login, and it says the info isn’t correct.

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It is odd that it resolves to that theme. Have you considered removing that theme and seeing how the install goes from there?

How can I remove the theme if I cart login?

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Remove the theme from your site via FTP. Just delete the folder. WP will revert to the default theme.

The theme should be in your files under your root directory then wp-directory/themes/twentyten/. Just remove the whole “twentyten” directory.

Ok, I tried for yet another time installing wp with xampp. This is the screen I got after the wp install. Just the Wordpress logo, no congrats or other b.s. like that.

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Here’s the pic.

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