Wordpress noob - how can a web designer use its powerful features?


Okay so I am pretty new to Wordpress. I have a regular website programmed with html and css, and then I also have a Wordpress blog set up and linked to my website (hosted on my server, not wordpress’). Is it at all possible that I could “plug in” some of the features, widgets, etc. wordpress has into my regular website?:scratch:

Why don’t you integrate your website in WordPress? You can convert the layout of your website in a WordPress theme (it’s not that difficult, there are lots of tutorials on the web). And then it’s possible to use widgets and stuff like that in your regular website.

There isn’t anything special about WordPress. Do you know PHP? If so you can query your WordPress database to get show the latest 5 posts, just like you would show the last 5 entries of a table. If you want to use WP’s built in functions, check out Template Tags « WordPress Codex. The path/filename listed under each section is the file you will need to include to use the function. You also may need to include other files too, such as the main functions file.

NOTE: I have never done this before. I recommend you backup your database, just in case.