Wordpress Nested Comments: Reply Button Cut Off

Hello kind SitePointers, would you mind taking a look here and telling me if you know why the reply button in the depth-3 nested comments is being cut off like this:

Music Playback Possible in iPhone’s Safari Browser [Grooveshark, Take Note] | Apple iPhone Review

In Firefox and Chrome it is cut off. Thanks in advance for any help.


It’s not being cut off, the reply link is missing.

FaridHadi, you are correct. Thanks so much.

In case anyone else has the same issue, here is how I resolved it: The problem was that in Settings >> Discussion I have threaded comments enabled 4 levels deep, therefore the 4th level Reply button was missing in comments. I changed the settings to allow for 5 level deep commenting and then added “display: none;” to the “reply” class for the 5th level.

Thanks again, Farid! This was driving me crazy so your help is much appreciated.