WordPress multi-site combined with WooCommerce

I will go in to the subject right after giving an example what this is about:
Maybe some of you are familiar with the Magento multi store solution. It let’s you manage multiple stores (whether on the same domain using subdomains, or using different domains). Using multilpe stores, each store gets data from the same database. This makes it easy to control inventory in one central DB even when you sell the same article on multiple sites/stores.

WordPress released a multi-site possibility a while ago and WooCommerce can also be used in this setup. The problem here is that each site, is an individual and new instance of a WordPress installation where you need to install themes, plugins and create a new products database from scratch. Because of this there is no central products database and selling the same products over multiple stores gives problems with stock management. Also I am not sure if you can use multi-site over multiple domains in stead of only subdomains.

Do you guys have any experience with this or solving these problems?

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