Wordpress migrating from old CMS

I am in the process of migrating a site from article manager 2 to wordpress so I created a script that gathers the required information for each post assigns the category and applies the images to each post I check the database and everything looks good, all posts are appearing there properly and the correct categories are being assigned, categories previously created in wordpress, then I decide to go to the post manager to see how everything is going and the list of posts is empty, completely empty I went and double checked the database and the required fields are there, I thought it was the post type so I ran through the whole thing and set post_type to post and it was already like that to start with but I did it anyway in case it had an space or something and nothing they don’t appear in the post manager and I have no idea how to proceed from here I am out of ideas why it would not show the posts, does anyone have any idea of what might be the problem?

in case someone comes across this, I had checked some posts from wordpress that had post status as inherit and I decided to use that and that was the actual problem, changing it to publish fixed the issue