Wordpress localhost install and theme customization

Hi guys,

I plan on moving my site to wordpress and adding a blog page as well. I already have my domain and hosting with bluehost. Prior to doing that and since I don’t have much experience with wordpress and theme customization I thought it would be a good idea for me to try running wordpress on my local machine and start playing with a theme…

I have a few questions

1.Can you recommend a good tutorial on how to install and run wordpress on local host? I am on windows machine and use visual studio code.

2.Based on the structure of the site would it be beneficial to move all pages to wordpress or just use it for blog page?

3.Based on the structure of the site what wp theme would you recommend as a starting point?

Thank you

I would move all pages to wordpress, it’d be more convenient. I’ve tried to separate my site and had some pages on wordpress, but some problems occurred. As for the installing, read this article. It’s relatively new and written easily for perception. The theme is up to you.

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Thanks for the WAMP install link @dymenders

I am just wondering whats the thought process when you decide to base only one page on wp say blog page vs all the pages…?

also any good resource where I can learn how to customize themes or how it works in terms of moving existing site to wp…? what are the benefits of doing that? I heard if you build sites for small businesses they are able to change content themselves etc…any other benefits ?

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