Wordpress Loads Blank!

Alright so I’m having a WP issue. 2 days ago my clients website www.detroitdungeon.com loaded perfectly fine no issues. This morning when I went to load the website it fully loads and then goes to a black screen.

The client nor myself have messed with anything, it just happened out of the blue.

Any help would be amazing!

Has there been any changes made to the configuration of the server?

Not that I’m aware with no. It’s hosted on Go Daddy.

I’m still able to log in via wp-admin as well so it’s not a WP issue. Different Themes do the same and I did try deactivating all plug-ins.

Alright so on second try it is a theme thing.
At the bottom when I try to preview the theme it shows "
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ in /home/content/36/5385336/html/detroitdungeon/wp-content/themes/delighted_black2/footer.php on line 8"

How should I do this properly?

Can you post the code for footer.php

Hm. Seems there is a ton of extra code included.
Not sure what the past designer was doing with this.


include(‘footer_content.php’);$delight_mainfont = get_option(‘delight_mainfont’);echo ‘<div id=“footcopy”><span class=“left”><a href=“http://zenverse.net/delighted-black-wordpress-theme/”>Delighted Black</a> designed by <a href=“http://yourchristianspace.com”>Christian Myspace</a> & <a href=“http://www.digitaldesignzmedia.com”>Designed By: Digital Designz Media Group</a></span><span class=“right”>In conjunction with <a href=“http://pingler.com”>Ping Services</a> <span style=“font-family:tahoma;”>|</span> <a href=“http://frenchteacherjobs.com”>French Teacher Jobs</a> <span style=“font-family:tahoma;”>|</span> <a href=“http://mathsteacherjobs.com”>Maths Teacher Jobs</a> </span><div class=“clear”></div>’; echo ‘</div></div><!–/page–>’;$zenverse_global_google_analytics = get_option(‘zenverse_global_google_analytics’);if ($zenverse_global_google_analytics != ‘’) { echo stripslashes($zenverse_global_google_analytics); }wp_footer();echo ’

<script type=“text/JavaScript”><!–
var TFN=‘invoice number’;
var TFA=invoice amount;



Any such luck?

Problem fixed. Thanks though.