Wordpress LMS system with KLEO theme?


I am currently working on a Wordpress website that uses the KLEO theme. Up until now the theme has been excellent and has allowed me to build a solid framework for a good website, until I tried to use some Learning Management System (LMS) Plugins.

My client requires that the website have an eLearning area, and so far I have tried the plugins LearnPress, LifterLMS and a couple of others, but they all seem to “break” the theme.

With LearnPress in particular, when I view a course after creating it, it displays a page with no titlebar/breadcrumbs area, no sidebar and a generally broken page.

Does anyone have any experience with this or a possible solution that I can look in to?

Can you check in with the theme authors and pose that question to them? Perhaps there is a filter or action hook that can be used to force it to appear or force it to display a specific piece of text. If necessary, change another theme to make them work rightly.

I would highly recommend Sensei for Woocommerce. This plugin lets you control every aspect of Learning Management.

Students. Courses. Lessons. Tutorials. Payments. Etc. It’s all in there. And they have an award winning support line - so take advantage of it!

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